Healthy Lifestyles ~ Week Two

Hi all you Healthy Lifestylers!  

Thank you for participating in the group last night.  What fun!  And for those of you who were not able to make it…we miss you and wish you well. 

 Cleansing occurs with a number of different approaches.  Basically though, it’s focusing on reducing the ‘toxic load’ (destructive foods, environmental toxins and toxic thoughts and emotions), and flooding the body with nutrients (proper and sufficient amounts of pure, balanced, whole food nutrients/supplements) so it’s supported to do what it does best – detoxify, cleanse, repair, rejuvenate.  Plenty of rest, exercise, positive thoughts and emotional peace is necessary too.

 I’ve been cleansing the past few days.  My eyes and face did NOT have the ‘puffy’ look in the mirror upon arising.  I feel fresh and ‘clear’ with plenty of energy this morning to greet the new day. Yeah!  I’m enjoying the sunshine out the window and very happy honoring myself, surrendering to the process and being in integrity.  It feels nurturing…envisioning my body loving me so much that its willing to work hard to clean house today…I’m so grateful I’ll have a healthier temple to live in for my efforts. 

 YOU are all such wonderful inspiration and support to me, and I’m grateful and fulfilled sitting here communicating with you…hopefully helping support YOUR journey and experiences of cleansing and creating healthier lifestyles too!

 Resources Page:  Here is where you find the links to Dietary Guidelines, Dietary Dangers, etc…and cleansing and detoxifying documents.  These are so good to keep reviewing!   The Dietary Guidelines could look ‘daunting’ to you.  Don’t let it…..Just pick a FEW you’d like to start with.  Remember how you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.   

Traditional Hands-On Food Classes teach how to prepare foods properly to ensure robust health and longevity!   Please take a look and reserve your spot.   


So, here is our list of words that comes to mind when we think ‘cleansing’

 Water, Nutrients, Herbs, Raw Food, Fiber, Whole Foods, Minerals, Juicing, Tea, Lemon, Live Enzymes, Friendly Bacteria (pro-biotics), Cellular Saturation

 Elimination, Skin, Breathing, Movement, Toxins, Parasites, Sweating, Steam Rooms, Salt Baths (Epsom), Body Awareness, Rest/Sleep 

Commitment, Timing/Planning, Work, Structure, No Cooking, Block of Time, Patience, Letting Go, Releasing, Re-tracing, Management, Simplicity, Maintenence 

Emotions, Mental Thoughts, Surrender, Stories, Boring, Lazy, Hunger, Cravings, Headache, Fear, Withdrawal Symptoms, Failure (‘Falling-off-the-wagon”), Guilt, Judgment, Relapse, Excuses, 

Rejuvenation, Mental Clarity, Energy, Relief, Nurturing, Support, Acceptance, Full Engaement, Empowerment, Success, Sustained Balance, Joy, Vitality, 

Way of Life, Body is ALWAYS Cleansing!   

This is quite a comprehensive list!  Way to go gang! 



 Pick an action-step (baby-step) for this week.  Review how we came about this from last week so you create a motivating ‘compelling why’. 

 Make it measurable:  (Example:  “I will do……3 times this week”)

 If you’ve worked on this before, think of what worked for you in the past in getting some results.  You could employ them again.  Think of what didn’t work and ask yourself, “What got in the way?”  You could focus on removing obstacles. 

 Choose an accountability person/partner and let them know you will check in with them on how you’re doing by email/phone by such-and-such a Date/Time – then follow through. 

 ADDITIONAL:  If you like, there are additional comprehensive articles I added to the Resources Page of my website regarding Friendly Bacteria/Pro-Biotics.  VERY informative and VERY important.

 Keep it up everyone!  You’re doing great.  Remember, EVERY step in the right direction is a positive deposit in your Health Bank Account! 

 Bye for now, Lynn


 “Whatever we have right now in our lives

is the result of what we thought, felt and did up until this time.  

If we want things to be different, to be better,

we will have to change what we think, feel and do.”

(John-Roberts and Peter McWilliams)

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