Spring Cleansing and Healthy Lifestyles

Hurray!  We’ve Launched our 8-Week Spring Cleansing and Healthy Lifestyles Group on Monday, Feb 27th.  We’ll use this blog spot as a ‘forum’ for the group to communicate.

First,  Congratulations to those who are participating and want to step up to improve the level of joy, balance, peace, ease and vitality in your lives!  Yea!!  I had so much fun with you all and have been feeling very inspired all week…thinking, smiling of ALL the possibilities and opportunities we have with each other over the next 2 months to REALLY HAVE A BLAST and a transformational experience!  How ‘bout you?   

I am jazzed about being surrounded by ALL of you awesome individuals who have so much to contribute to the group and thrilled about how much value we will be sharing with each other.  This is where we get to let go of those all-to-familiar “I’m not good enough” voices (in our isolated minds) and enthusiastically embrace the ‘team’, who’s synergy together is sooooooo much more productive and impactful!  

Just one of many examples:  When I bring to the table the serious, scientific, and detailed ‘facts and teachings’, we also have several of you to lighten it up, engage us in fun, laughter, connection and movement!  Yes!  

I know there’s soooooo much we’ll share, inspire and empower each other with in so many multi-faceted ways…….We’re in for an exhilarating ride! 

I’ve been literally reeling with delight as I think of the many things (jewels) I’d like to share with you on this journey we’re in together.  My mind already has written a book, it seems!  But…I need to remind myself to relax, take my time, and trust the ‘process’.  So, let’s start with our first step….

How are you all doing with the homework?  

We talked of the ‘change’ process:  Pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance and completion.  There can be a lot of exploring and gaining knowledge and preparation happening before any ‘action’ taking place in a normal ‘change’ process.  Our goal is to seek balance, peace, joy, ease, and vitality.  Wellness includes addressing Body, Mind Spirit, Tribe (community), Land and Ancestors.  

Some of you may be contemplating “YOUR Mombasa”.  Thank you Morgana for that BEAUTIFUL story, describing the metaphor.  What is our “Mombasa” (in this sense our ‘natural flow’, our unique core)…really…for me, for you?  I’ve been thinking of this A LOT since Monday…This is what’s been bubbling up.  Please ask these questions of yourselves: 

Do I really think I ‘know’ what my Mombasa is?   Do I derive it from JUST how I might be feeling in this moment, given the current circumstances and conditions of my ‘being’ and my life right now?  Is how I ‘feel’, the ‘colored glasses’ that I look through and what I believe in this moment… a sum of the ‘messages’ coming from my current physiology, internal chemistry, thoughts, relationships and spiritual experience???    Can it change, morph, and be allowed to flow in different directions along the course of time?? 

Consider:  A river naturally carves out new twists and turns as it adapts to what nature presents along the way  — some still ultimately reach the same destination, some are completely re-routed or dammed up by glacial and volcanic activity or other significant forces of nature.   What ever happens, nature adapts to nature and continues to ‘move on’, with seeming ease and grace over time.   Hmmm…. 

Sooo….my invitation is to be ‘open’ to possibility…..ESPECIALLY in the land of ‘I don’t know what I don’t know’…the ‘Blind Spot’ (or just temporarily clouded).  I’ll be ticking you with some ‘facts’ this next time we meet that hopefully are very FRESH, new and VERY inspiring…..Hint:  It has to do with our internal physiology, chemistry and ‘communication’ within our bodies.  Yea, I figured you might have guessed since it’s coming from this gal who is absolutely enthralled with the way our ‘spiritual’ beings are experiencing this ‘physical’ journey!  

Homework was to choose something that is bothering you that you want changed/improved.  Think about how it would be if nothing was done to change it and how it would be affecting your life 5 years from now in all aspects, physically, financially, socially, relationships, family, etc.. — Really get into the emotional impact/the pain, the limitations/losses (if you will) of that ‘reality’.  Then, if you made positive changes to improve the situation, how would THAT be feeling 5 years in the future. Really get into the positive, satisfying and motivating impact of THAT scenario.  

Then choose a BABY STEP of action this week toward changing the situation that is bothersome.  Be careful to make it a baby-step – small enough that you know you’ll have success with it in this one week. 

If you haven’t worked on that yet, so what!  You still have at least 3+ days to do something…You can, and you’ll feel good/empowered by it.  

I can’t WAIT to hear a few of you share what you experienced!  It will be yummy, I know.  

See you all Monday, March 5th – Same time, same place. 


“How different our lives are when we really know what is deeply important to us, and keeping that picture in mind,

we manage ourselves each day to be and to do what really matters most.”

Stephan Covey

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