Management of a Chinese Restaurant

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Chinese restaurants are arguably the most preferred restaurants in the world given their wide assortment of unique cuisines. Chinese food is unique and incorporates a cultural aspect and so does the Chinese restaurants across the world (Mclaughlin, 2013). Chinese restaurants give the Chinese people across the world as sense of belonging even when they are halfway across the world and miles away from home. Furthermore, Chinese dishes served in these restaurants are popular for their uniqueness, health concerns, and the general hygienic way of service. Today, as China opens itself to the world, several Chinese restaurants are gaining popularity across the global spectrum (Felder, 2016). Subsequently, this paper explores the development of a career in the management of a Chinese restaurant. Acquiring a restaurant business requires a large amount of capital but in light of the booming acceptance of Chinese food and an increased demand, management of a Chinese restaurant is quite viable. In so doing, the paper will explore the sustainable business model that will ensure a smooth running of the restaurant, an effective turnover period, cost minimization, and revenue maximization.


The primary aspect that implored me to choose a career in a Chinese restaurant management the current growth trend in the industry as well as the global acceptance. I believe that this growth trend is as a result of the diverse assortment of Chinese food offered. Chinese restaurants have increased tremendously due to increased demand by customers who seek to satisfy their spirit of adventure by sampling different types of food and style of cooking. The demand for Chinese food is mirrored by the numerous restaurants that are mushrooming in all corners of the world. Due to their diversity and rapid growth, a lot of investors are investing in this industry which makes it a viable business venture in light of the heightened global diversification. Similarly, China has opened up to the world endeavoring to sell its technology and labor globally which has resulted to the movement of Chinese people across the world. With the increased movement of the Chinese people, the Chinese culture has spread to different regions. Cultural integration has therefore seen the adoption of Chinese dishes and cooking being absorbed by numerous people (Counihan & Esterik, 1997). As a result, there is increased incorporation of the Chinese food in the local menus. This spread of Chinese culture in the world has motivated me to choose a career related to Chinese culture hence the choice to manage a Chinese restaurant.

There are a lot of fascinating things in pursuing a management career in Chinese restaurant with the flagship being the ability to comprehend, adventure, and appreciate the Chinese way of life through their way of eating such as the use chopsticks which is different from other cultures. Such a career would therefore equip me with a better comprehension of cultural diversity. The career will also enable me to diversify my recipe and my ability to relate with different people because different cultures have adopted Chinese food as their way of life. Most importantly, the career is among the latest and top most competitive jobs in the market and with the right strategies and adoption of effective business models I can make a comfortable living out of it. Furthermore, my wealth of experience coupled up with academic and professional qualifications makes me a suitable candidate. Additionally, I have always had an interest in hotel management. I am also naturally adventurous especially about other cultures Chinese being top of the list.

Managerial jobs available in the Chinese restaurants include but are not limited to Restaurants Senior Manager, General Manager, Marketing and Events Manager, and Food Service General Manager, the latter being my chief preference. The Food Service General Manager necessitates hospitality skills, arithmetic skills, office skills, and supervision skills. It is also imperative to have a high school diploma or its equivalent, qualifications that I already possess. The main responsibilities of a food service general manager include but are not limited to the provision of a warm and welcoming customer service, assisting customers, creating a conducive working environment, reviewing of production and performance, and allocating tasks to junior staff. This career also requires one to have a good knowledge of Chinese language to ensure easy communication with the customers and other stakeholders since most of the customers are Chinese.

Most of the Chinese management jobs are located in areas dominated by people of Chinese origin like the Chinatown in San Francisco, California, and other places across the globe where Chinese culture is appreciated. An example of a recently advertised post of a food service general manager was by a company called Hy-Vee in Lakeville, Minnesota in the United States of America which has invested in a Chinese restaurant and requires a qualified food service general manager (Hy-Vee Inc, 2016).

In order to get into this career, I have considered a number of key factors which are essential in the career such as learning the Chinese language. This is the most basic requirement into the industry. Similarly, I have endeavored to acquire all the skills required for the management post through extensive research as well as frequent visitations to Chinese restaurants. Such visitations have proven to be immensely valuable and also have been the basis of networking with the management of the restaurants. Networking and passionate interest, makes it easy to get into the field.



From the extensive research, it is apparent that success in any career path necessitates the development of interest in the career and the industry. In so doing, the candidate is able to identify the benefits of the career. Another important aspect of career success and of a model which encompasses designing of the operations, identifying the sources of income, financing of the activities, product, and customer base.  The model allows the candidate to analyze the career or the intended activity in order to identify the forces within and outside that can affect the success or failure as they pursue their career paths. The backdrop above can be viewed in terms of a business plan because it identifies a career, sets the objectives and plans, analysis to determine the attainability.


Today, the world is characterized by dynamic lifestyles. In a world where people’s lifestyles keep changing, it is imperative to keep up with such changes in order to survive. The Chinese domination is increasing hence the necessity for alignment in related industries. The alignment incorporates increased investment in Chinese products such as technology and culture. Management of a Chinese restaurant is the best career path for me because it incorporates all my interests. It will enable me to explore a different culture, make a living, lay a foundation in my career, and build my network. Furthermore, my primary managerial task of preference would be Food Service General Manager because it incorporates most of my qualities. What’s more, it encompasses a practical methodology.

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