Cutthroat Kitchen

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A significant food show from the food network is ‘Cutthroat Kitchen’. The three major segmentation bases that are applicable in this show are cuisine, price and location. Cuisine is a significant segmentation base considering that it is highly significant in positioning within the market. In this case, it also adds to the variety available for the judges. Price is also important as it helps the consumer determine whether they will eat the food or not. Location allows the cooks to find the ingredients so that they can make a meal worth winning a prize.

The marketing strategy to get more people involved in the show is through collaboration with people who influence the show. For instance, they could involve local grocers and butchers in the show by purchasing products from them and according them an opportunity to appear on the show. Product differentiation can easily be obtained through making the show slightly unique from the others. For example, the show could have a question and a winner each week. The winner would get to appear on the show and maybe even try their chance in cooking.

Cutthroat is a show that targets a wide market including professionals in the field of cooking and other new comers interested in making gourmet food. In lieu to this, a suitable positioning base is to target a region where people have an interest in cooking and they can also spare sometime to do the same. For instance, instead of placing the show in one area, they could be shooting from varied locations such as the suburbs. In this way, it is easier to identify the winners and also identify the people who are interested in watching the show.

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