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The House of My Dream. My picturesque Fortaleza

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Everybody has their aspirations in life regarding various things. From work to a home, people have different expectations and aims, and that is why people try to work hard to achieve these aspirations, or use means that they deem appropriate to get to such heights they aspire for.

Well, a decent house is among the things that have been on my list for quite some time now, and my dream home – an old-fashioned house in Fortaleza, has been on my mind for quite some time, and it is what I aspire to call home.

Old Fashioned Home

There is beauty in things, places, and buildings that are somewhat old-fashioned. Old fashioned buildings are unique since they have designs that are not common today. Further, some old buildings are made of materials that are not available in abundance today, and there are old buildings that were built long ago whose materials are no longer in existence in today’s age. I happen to have a liking of ancient things since they differ from what is available today in many rights. Starting from buildings, a majority of buildings that are being built in this age are not beautiful compared to those buildings ages ago.

When you look around, most of the tourist attraction sites and heritage sites over the world are ancient buildings, some of which have unique and beautiful designs that have no replica on earth. For people like me, such places are amazing and are places that I can get peace of mind, and enjoy.

My Dream Home in Fortaleza

In Brazil, Fortaleza is a modern resort city, and this place has turned into a recreational area and a fishing village in the recent past. Fortaleza is unique in its own right, thanks to the various recreational and entertainment activities that an individual can engage in while there. There are entertainment hotels and venues that have been built around the place, which make the whole area look appealing.

Fortaleza, until recently, was not a big city and major center in Brazil. However, the isolation of the town has made it become one of the important fast-growing towns in Brazil, and the place has been attracting tourists – thanks to its pristine beaches, serene environment, and its fishing villages. The area also has a party atmosphere, and revelers often visit the city to have fun and recreation.

There are various sights and places of attraction in Fortaleza, which only help to make the area more beautiful. A dream home in such a location is something I would want since the place looks fantastic. An old-fashioned house in Fortaleza will suffice and will help me to also join in on the leisure and the experience of a place where there is lots of art and culture. Far from the culture, the people, in general, look friendly and having a home where there is a friendly and warm neighborhood is something that is great since this allows you to have the peace of mind without worrying of any disturbances.

Restored Buildings

Since Fortaleza is among ancient towns in Brazil, there are buildings in the center of the city that date back to several years ago. The town is well known for its old buildings, restaurants, shops, and bars, and most of these structures are old-fashioned, primarily because they date several years back. Since I bode well with old-fashioned buildings, a dream home in such a place is an experience that I yearn for and dream about.

In Fortaleza, there are many famous museums as well, and most of these museums are attraction sites that are affiliated with different cultures and artworks that were present in the past.

A Dream Home

Just like other folks, I also have a dream home, and Fortaleza is the place that I would wish to have a home. Given its city status, and the extent to which it has developed, Fortaleza is appealing and attractive, and it is a place that one can live as long as they are fine with the recreational environment.

In summary, Fortaleza appeals to me in many aspects, and it is the place that I dream of having a home. With the art, culture, recreation, and sights that are in the city, one can imagine how an old-fashioned house can blend in such an area. Having a well-built old-fashioned home in such an area is a great thing since there is a lot to enjoy from the place and Brazil as a whole.


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Food Studies

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Food has historically been used to reveal ethnic, cultural identities, especially in diverse cultural societies like the United States. Dieting is an entirely personal activity.  Eating communicates people’s beliefs, experiences, and cultural and ethnic attachment. One reason people exclude certain types of food from their diet is due to their ethnic beliefs and some instances religious beliefs. Food can also be considered as a language that portrays specific cultural and social systems. Food is used to enhance relations, uniqueness, and cultural solidarity (Counihan & Esterik, 2012).

Types of food consumed vary across different cultures and ethnic groups. Growing up in a particular place can shape people’s inclinations towards foods. A person growing up in Japan, for instance, is more likely to get inclined to eat sushi.  Different foods are associated with different ethnic groups, like burgers for Americans, Pasta and Pizza for Italians, tortillas for Mexicans and so forth. When ethnic groups like Italians and Mexicans exports themselves, they also export their cooking styles and food to their host nations as a way of creating a home away from home. They do so to maintain their strong cultural connection with their native countries and cultures. They also open up food joints and restaurants to express their cultural identity through diets and ingredients (Counihan & Esterik, 2012).

Growing up in Korea influenced me to eat more rice than bread. But, since I moved to America, I now eat more bread than rice. This boils down to the attachment Americans and Koreans have to bread and rice respectively. Eating rice is part of the ethnic identity for Asians and any growing up in an Asian nation like Korea is more inclined to eat rice, a similar concept applies to a person living in America.

Food defines people and their cultural backgrounds. It conveys the authenticity of a particular culture and even enhances national and ethnic identity. Different ethnic foods like pizza have been exported to other nations in the world thanks to globalization and migration of people.

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Reno’s hospitality

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Our riders’ voyage in Long Road Home Project is a lengthy one— 4,200 miles long to be precise.

After overcoming obstacles and meeting the gracious residents of Portland in Oregon, they move on to another city to bring awareness about the plight of our war heroes, some of whom are now homeless and emotionally scarred. Their next stop?  Reno, Nevada, the World’s Biggest Little City.

Even with very friendly residents and wonderful tourist sites, this place remains underappreciated. In fact, only 4 million people tour Reno annually. This is a meager 10 percent of the whopping 40 million visitors Las Vegas welcome every year.

During their 90-day cycling expedition, Glenn, Ryan, Marty, Colleen, and Steve were able to have a one-of-a-kind experience in this welcoming city and write a traveling essay.

Colleen and Ryan’s Tour

Formerly known for divorce, gambling, and dead silver mines, Reno’s popularity faded in the years that it remained under the shadows of Las Vegas. After its southern cousin offered tourists with glamorous casinos and easier access to divorce, Reno didn’t stand a chance in terms of fame.

But even with this, our riders were able to see the beauty beyond the shadow. Colleen met with some people from South Wells which houses several Latino businesses. Here, you can smell the economic prowess of the Hispanic community from a mile away.

8 Interesting Facts About Reno

  • During its founding on May 13, 1868, the town was named after Civil War General Jesse Reno.
  • Ironically, Jesse Reno, who was shot in a battle in Maryland, has never been to the place. It turns out, the township was named after him to follow the tradition of naming train stops after fallen soldiers.
  • Although Las Vegas overshadowed it in the gambling industry, Reno still has one slot machine for every 14 residents, bringing the total to over 16,000 slot machines.
  • When in Reno, you should never use curses or bad words in the presence of dead person unless you want to be arrested.
  • The world’s biggest little city is rich in terms of its association to sister cities around the world, including those in Israel, China, Canada, Thailand, Spain, Russia, and Taiwan.
  • Reno’s Lake Tahoe is home to the Loch Ness monster’s North American counterpart, Tahoe Tessie. This creature is believed to be 80 feet long and can travel at a speed of over 60 miles per hour.
  • With about 1,000 earthquakes occurring annually, Reno is lucky to be still standing to this day. This is because most of these shakers are too weak even be felt, let alone do any damage.
  • While Las Vegas is currently the home to more casinos, Reno is first in the gambling industry. In fact, the township has been welcoming players since the pre-colonial times where such games are done to celebrate the harvest and successful hunts.


Accessible via the no. 19 bus from downtown, the neighborhood is home for people from different walks of life. Although it is home to many Hispanics, it is a diverse community with various business establishments, including Irish bars, Latino tattoo parlors, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Pupuserias, and the grocery store called “Marketon.”

While exploring the city, Colleen and Ryan were acknowledged by a group of women who looked like they recognized our two vets. Curious, the two approached the group to introduce themselves.

Interestingly, the ladies immediately recognized them from reports about the Long Road Home Project. Our riders initiated a conversation which led to the ladies showing them around their humble-but-welcoming locality.

They went from Marketon, where many Latino products are being sold, to a restaurant that serves scrumptious Mexican food. Out of curiosity, our riders investigated further about how the women knew who they were. It turns out, they have been following news about the Long Road Home Project online, both in the news and social media, because one of their university maintenance crew was a retired Marine.

They recalled how the man, whom they decided not to name in the conversation for privacy concerns, shared stories about his time in the force as a photographer. With his interest sparked by a story of a kindred soul, Ryan became chummy with the women.

After getting familiar with each other over lunch, Colleen, Ryan, and the group of women continued with their tour until they arrived at the University of Nevada where the ladies graduated from. Unfortunately, the retired Marine they were talking about is no longer working there.

Still, it was fortunate for Ryan to find someone, albeit indirectly, who had the guts to recall the tell tales about the traumatizing experience of being in the battlefield with only a camera as a weapon.

When the tour ended, the women promised Colleen and Ryan to do everything they can to spread the word about the Long Road Home Project. Although they may not be able to contribute financial support for the cause, they showed the wonderful attitude towards people they barely know by joining our riders in exploring the city.

The Long Road Home Project

In the Long Road Home Project, five war veterans took on a 4,200-mile ride to raise funds and awareness about the plight of the country’s heroes. From Tacoma to Washington DC, these emotionally scarred individuals brave their own struggles to help bring their comrades home.

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Cutthroat Kitchen

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A significant food show from the food network is ‘Cutthroat Kitchen’. The three major segmentation bases that are applicable in this show are cuisine, price and location. Cuisine is a significant segmentation base considering that it is highly significant in positioning within the market. In this case, it also adds to the variety available for the judges. Price is also important as it helps the consumer determine whether they will eat the food or not. Location allows the cooks to find the ingredients so that they can make a meal worth winning a prize.

The marketing strategy to get more people involved in the show is through collaboration with people who influence the show. For instance, they could involve local grocers and butchers in the show by purchasing products from them and according them an opportunity to appear on the show. Product differentiation can easily be obtained through making the show slightly unique from the others. For example, the show could have a question and a winner each week. The winner would get to appear on the show and maybe even try their chance in cooking.

Cutthroat is a show that targets a wide market including professionals in the field of cooking and other new comers interested in making gourmet food. In lieu to this, a suitable positioning base is to target a region where people have an interest in cooking and they can also spare sometime to do the same. For instance, instead of placing the show in one area, they could be shooting from varied locations such as the suburbs. In this way, it is easier to identify the winners and also identify the people who are interested in watching the show.

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Management of a Chinese Restaurant

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Chinese restaurants are arguably the most preferred restaurants in the world given their wide assortment of unique cuisines. Chinese food is unique and incorporates a cultural aspect and so does the Chinese restaurants across the world (Mclaughlin, 2013). Chinese restaurants give the Chinese people across the world as sense of belonging even when they are halfway across the world and miles away from home. Furthermore, Chinese dishes served in these restaurants are popular for their uniqueness, health concerns, and the general hygienic way of service. Today, as China opens itself to the world, several Chinese restaurants are gaining popularity across the global spectrum (Felder, 2016). Subsequently, this paper explores the development of a career in the management of a Chinese restaurant. Acquiring a restaurant business requires a large amount of capital but in light of the booming acceptance of Chinese food and an increased demand, management of a Chinese restaurant is quite viable. In so doing, the paper will explore the sustainable business model that will ensure a smooth running of the restaurant, an effective turnover period, cost minimization, and revenue maximization.


The primary aspect that implored me to choose a career in a Chinese restaurant management the current growth trend in the industry as well as the global acceptance. I believe that this growth trend is as a result of the diverse assortment of Chinese food offered. Chinese restaurants have increased tremendously due to increased demand by customers who seek to satisfy their spirit of adventure by sampling different types of food and style of cooking. The demand for Chinese food is mirrored by the numerous restaurants that are mushrooming in all corners of the world. Due to their diversity and rapid growth, a lot of investors are investing in this industry which makes it a viable business venture in light of the heightened global diversification. Similarly, China has opened up to the world endeavoring to sell its technology and labor globally which has resulted to the movement of Chinese people across the world. With the increased movement of the Chinese people, the Chinese culture has spread to different regions. Cultural integration has therefore seen the adoption of Chinese dishes and cooking being absorbed by numerous people (Counihan & Esterik, 1997). As a result, there is increased incorporation of the Chinese food in the local menus. This spread of Chinese culture in the world has motivated me to choose a career related to Chinese culture hence the choice to manage a Chinese restaurant.

There are a lot of fascinating things in pursuing a management career in Chinese restaurant with the flagship being the ability to comprehend, adventure, and appreciate the Chinese way of life through their way of eating such as the use chopsticks which is different from other cultures. Such a career would therefore equip me with a better comprehension of cultural diversity. The career will also enable me to diversify my recipe and my ability to relate with different people because different cultures have adopted Chinese food as their way of life. Most importantly, the career is among the latest and top most competitive jobs in the market and with the right strategies and adoption of effective business models I can make a comfortable living out of it. Furthermore, my wealth of experience coupled up with academic and professional qualifications makes me a suitable candidate. Additionally, I have always had an interest in hotel management. I am also naturally adventurous especially about other cultures Chinese being top of the list.

Managerial jobs available in the Chinese restaurants include but are not limited to Restaurants Senior Manager, General Manager, Marketing and Events Manager, and Food Service General Manager, the latter being my chief preference. The Food Service General Manager necessitates hospitality skills, arithmetic skills, office skills, and supervision skills. It is also imperative to have a high school diploma or its equivalent, qualifications that I already possess. The main responsibilities of a food service general manager include but are not limited to the provision of a warm and welcoming customer service, assisting customers, creating a conducive working environment, reviewing of production and performance, and allocating tasks to junior staff. This career also requires one to have a good knowledge of Chinese language to ensure easy communication with the customers and other stakeholders since most of the customers are Chinese.

Most of the Chinese management jobs are located in areas dominated by people of Chinese origin like the Chinatown in San Francisco, California, and other places across the globe where Chinese culture is appreciated. An example of a recently advertised post of a food service general manager was by a company called Hy-Vee in Lakeville, Minnesota in the United States of America which has invested in a Chinese restaurant and requires a qualified food service general manager (Hy-Vee Inc, 2016).

In order to get into this career, I have considered a number of key factors which are essential in the career such as learning the Chinese language. This is the most basic requirement into the industry. Similarly, I have endeavored to acquire all the skills required for the management post through extensive research as well as frequent visitations to Chinese restaurants. Such visitations have proven to be immensely valuable and also have been the basis of networking with the management of the restaurants. Networking and passionate interest, makes it easy to get into the field.



From the extensive research, it is apparent that success in any career path necessitates the development of interest in the career and the industry. In so doing, the candidate is able to identify the benefits of the career. Another important aspect of career success and of a model which encompasses designing of the operations, identifying the sources of income, financing of the activities, product, and customer base.  The model allows the candidate to analyze the career or the intended activity in order to identify the forces within and outside that can affect the success or failure as they pursue their career paths. The backdrop above can be viewed in terms of a business plan because it identifies a career, sets the objectives and plans, analysis to determine the attainability.


Today, the world is characterized by dynamic lifestyles. In a world where people’s lifestyles keep changing, it is imperative to keep up with such changes in order to survive. The Chinese domination is increasing hence the necessity for alignment in related industries. The alignment incorporates increased investment in Chinese products such as technology and culture. Management of a Chinese restaurant is the best career path for me because it incorporates all my interests. It will enable me to explore a different culture, make a living, lay a foundation in my career, and build my network. Furthermore, my primary managerial task of preference would be Food Service General Manager because it incorporates most of my qualities. What’s more, it encompasses a practical methodology.

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