Healing Retreats

Winter and Spring…

Opportune time for ‘Inner Work’!

Explore, Discover, Learn, Apply…

Heal and Experience Vitality!  

Restore Balance and Joy in your Life! 

Personalize your experience!  Choose/Create a ‘holistic’ package to meet your needs and maximize your healing and overall sense of peace and wellbeing. 

Remember…this is a ‘Haven for Transformation’.

Extraordinary Tree House Lodging ~~  Immerse yourself in nature and let the forest melt your cares away and help restore balance and harmony to your soul.  

Nourish your Body ~~ Your Tree House stay may include fresh, hot, healthy meals served to you, so you can enjoy dining right in your own cozy atmosphere, next to the beautiful, large cedar tree that grows up the middle. 

Massage and Energy Work ~~  A beautifully decorated room with special lighting, fireplace and soothing music invites you to ‘let go’ and let your body and soul be ‘touched’.   Relieve tensions, aches and pains ~ physically, mentally, and emotionally.  

And…Whoo Hoo! ~ Working with you one-on-one (or in groups) in the kitchen!   We ‘custom design’ whatever you’d like to suit your wants an needs.   For starters and some ideas, take a look at the Events/Food Classes page and current classes offered and see what interests you.  Learning the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of proper food preparation can REALLY change your life dramatically!  

These are foods for optimal health and vitality for sure…Valuable skills for LIFE!  Seriously ~  impact your body, mind and spirit ~ honor land, ancestors and ‘tribe’.