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Hi ~~  This website is a work-in-progress at the moment.

Please see Events, Food Classes, Resources and the Blog for fabulous opportunities and current information.  

I’ll be adding the details of my Health and Wellness Services, like Health & Wellness Coaching, Nutrition Consulting, Massage, etc…shortly.  Please check back.  

In the meantime, contact me, phone or email to inquire of these services if you are interested.  I am happy to converse and discuss options with you that hopefully meet your needs.  


To your vitality!  Lynn Berry (Parr)

Lynn’s Bio

 Lynn Berry, RN, Nutrition Consultant and Professional Health and Wellness Coach loves to share her passion for prevention and healing and supports individuals to build a solid foundation, step-by-step, to obtain radiant health and more balance and joy in their lives!

 Lynn has 20+ years combined experience working in the health and wellness field, including nursing, massage therapy, working with naturopaths, nutritional consulting, and uses a proven model for change and co-active coaching.  She is enthusiastic about helping her clients identify their values and achieve their desired health and wellness goals – including making healthier food choices to support healing, losing weight and strengthening the immune system, having more energy and feeling physically fit, managing stress, being more productive, creating balance, having more fun, and feeling peace and joy…

 …With the effective one-on-one collaborative coaching relationship, a personalized plan of action is developed around specific needs, and using a step-by-step process, her clients are inspired and empowered to make the desired lifestyle changes. Lynn says with a big smile, “They are very excited and satisfied with the positive results they feel when they are achieving what they want in their lives!   I love contributing to this process.”   

 Lynn also loves teaching her “Real Food, Real Health!” nutrition and hands-on food prep classes.  She declares, “The group dynamic is so fun, and by everyone participating, we truly celebrate a return to delicious, life-giving foods that support healing, longevity and vitality…with ease and simplicity.”