With Lynn’s coaching I was able to lose over fifty pounds, get much better control of my diabetes, and dramatically transform my appearance.  It was a wise and valuable investment.

– Steve

This is like ‘icing on the cake’!  I feel stronger, have more energy, less pain and I learn so much by working with Lynn.  She helps me design a balanced program that empowers me to get what I want.

– Janet

I finally got it!  With Lynn’s nutritional expertise and her gentle, caring life guidance and coaching I finally made the connection.  She helped me see what I put into my mind and heart is as important as what I put into my body.

– Jean

Definitely a Healing Experience!….This is an amazing accommodation in an amazing space…If anyone has ever felt an affiliation towards a tree…any tree…maybe even a forest…this is the place to connect…a private ‘time out’ space to share with the trees or someone special…the morning breakfast was fresh, tasty and healthy….Thank You!


Meals were awesome;  we were thrilled with the outstanding quality, variety, and healthy content!  Lynn and Ken are welcoming, attentive and accommodating hosts.  The tree house is truly a haven in the woods.  It is comfortable and well-furnished.  The comfort station (shower/toilet facility) is just steps away.

A very unique experience.  We look forward to returning!

– The Gilligan Sisters!