Not every content marketing writer is the same. Some work in specialized niches and focus on very specific writing tasks. Here are some of the most common types of content writers, including some digital marketing content writing examples:

Content Marketing 101: What is a Content Writer?

It’s often said that “content is king.” And although Microsoft founder Bill Gates made that famous claim back in 1996, it remains true today. Quality content that delivers valuable, relevant information is the linchpin of most successful marketing campaigns. According to a recent Hubspot survey, 70 percent of marketers surveyed are actively investing in content marketing and advising others to do so as well.

But these marketers aren’t creating that content themselves. A report by SmartInsights reveals that 84 percent of B2B marketers surveyed are outsourcing their content creation to freelance writers. That means content writers are in high demand these days, and it’s one of the easiest ways to break into freelancing. To understand what content writing is and how you can get started in this increasingly popular field, it’s time for Content Marketing 101.

Where to Find a Content Marketing Writer

Freelance Writing Platforms

You can read through writers’ bios, review their portfolios, and read their reviews from past clients. If you don’t have the time to conduct the research yourself, you can enlist an Upwork Talent Scout to do the searching for you.

Writers charging less than that tend to have less experience, less flexibility, and/or less command over the English language. Writers that charge slightly more than $30 per hour shouldn’t be ruled out simply for their rates, but they should be able to demonstrate all of the qualities you’re looking for in order to justify the cost.

Word of Mouth

Networking Platforms

A search for “copywriter” or “content marketing writer” will return hundreds of thousands of results. If you go this route, you might want to narrow your search to your 2nd connection so you can ask for a personal reference from someone you already know.

How Much Should You Pay a Content Marketing Writer?

How much should you pay a content writer?

If you hire a freelance writer to handle the job, they will not be your employee — they’ll be an independent contractor. And that arrangement means you can set an hourly rate or pay a fixed price per project. It also means you won’t have to pay for employee benefits, such as health insurance and PTO.

There are a number of factors that will impact a writer’s rate, including the type of content you need them to write. From case studies and white papers to press releases, social media posts, and blogs, what you need your writer to do can affect how much you’ll need to pay them.

Top-Tier Writers Don’t Come Cheap

Content marketing writers who understand the freelance marketplace know what other clients are willing to pay. They know what they’re worth based on their level of experience. They know that having knowledge in a niche area can allow them to command even more.

Are Content Marketing Writers the High-Level Writers of the Future?

Content writers who can do their work with panache, expertise, and professionalism are in high demand. More and more brands, agencies, and businesses will be looking for amazing content marketing writers, so it’s a great idea to get in now.

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